Egycon is an Mobile App and a Community Website. One of a kind in Egypt in the field of enhancing the collaboration between humanitarian associations and volunteering manpower. The App will provide an easy and quick access point for a volunteer to identify the best place they can offer their help and service according to their location, their qualification, their situation and the type of work they prefer. By simple click they can enter their location/free time and skills to find a robust result for all the possibilities of open position of a volunteer work. The website will contain a community for interested volunteers to join to discuss and exchange their experience, give advises and offer innovative ideas and solutions to promote the volunteerism in Egypt. This website will offer real solutions for existing problems in Egypt.

1) The lack of interest in volunteer work compared to the huge number of population so this app will increase awareness about importance of humanitarian work in Egypt and facilitate the easy access to the available opportunities.

2) Establishing a meeting point for volunteer workers to communicate and exchange ideas.

3) Highlight the work opportunities in the more neglected and remote humanitarian associations which lack volunteering manpower.