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INNOVATION for money & pleasure

In most developed countries, the success of innovations for money/pleasure are a thousand times more frequent than successful innovations for vital basic needs.  Therefore, it needs very less efforts to get entrepreneurs and investment.  For the required financing, the business plan shows reasonable expectations for profit or for business success criteria.  Then, If both entrepreneurs and investors are sufficiently satisfied that the products meet their ROI needs, the project is financed and receive all possible support from investors and institutions.

The dominant role of money is the most important single reason why innovation for basic needs is so difficult. Worldwide it receives a great deal of attention. This way of thinking should change to leave place to business aligned with the SDGs … Responsible innovation!

INNOVATION for vital needs FIRST!

Humanitarian innovation means supporting people to produce enough resources for themselves and get off donations. Innovate4righ promotes and supports Innovations that create new opportunities and satisfied urgent vital needs such as better food, better health, better education, better housing, create peace & jobs… We assist humanitarian entrepreneurs to get out of the dark and better organized in order to profit from the community, domestic, regional and international markets.

We are intensifying our partnerships and articulating how to convert global challenges into opportunities for entrepreneurship.  We look forward to working with some key stakeholders to ensure that Innovate4Right reaches its goals and actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals to positively impact communities in the World.


Patricia Ebakisse


MBA in International Management Master in Humanitarian field 10+ Years work experience in United nations entities, MNCs and NGOs internationally

Peter Fischer


MBA & Executive MBA International Business, Electrical Engineer and R&D Manager, 15+ years work experience in MNCs, NGOs, NPOs

Riham Mahfouz


Medical doctor, M.D. PhD, Master in Humanitarian field and, Physician practitioner, 15+ years work experience in Hospitals, NPOs, IOs

Having another humanitarian project developing very slowly because of the lack of resources to grow, we concluded after many researches that Innovate4Right will help many others facing the same situation in Switzerland and in the World. For us, it will be always a situation where innovation will be necessary to saves lives based on fast and effective programs to support and promote projects expansion. The Innovate4Right structure is made by the Boards and General Assembly. Besides we have many partners (Academics, NPOs, NGOs, Government authorities, Civil societies and more)



- Executive Board
- Management Board
- Advisory Board

General Assembly


The General Assembly is the Association's supreme authority. It is composed of all the members.