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- To Encourage communities to identify, evaluate their needs and take part of the solution to improve their living.

- To Reach those whose valuable contribution in the innovation field is still ignored and missing. And, support humanitarian/social entrepreneurs with practical knowledge, skills, resources and partnership with keys actors (experts, NPOs, NGOs, UN entities, philanthropists, impact investors...)


To give and receive smiles by promoting innovations ensuring that urgent vital needs (Food, clean Water, Housing, Health, Education, Safe Environment and Peace) are within reach for Everyone.

Innovate4Right contributes to Improving People Access to Basic Needs Worldwide by promoting innovation for Vital Needs First!

Innovate4Right combines both scientific knowledge and practical expertise to support selective promising projects aim to solve community vital needs.

Our approach is to offer via our INCUBATOR - ACCELERATOR PROGRAMS and SUSTAINABLE NETWORK EVENTS an inclusive support to some carefully selected projects in Switzerland and around the World.

Our objective is to always work with sustainable partners such as United Nations Global Compact, UN Sustainable Development Goals institutions to respond to local needs, thus adapting our services to the contexts, communities and countries we work in.

Innovate4Right is a registered Non Profit Organisation based in Basel - Switzerland. All benefits generated are reinvested in creating knowledge, connecting expertise and providing some workshop and training in the humanitarian innovation fields.

Innovate4Right is part of UNGC & GCN Switzerland

Together with SDGs, let’s support Innovations that empower people, satisfy basic needs dependencies and create opportunities for All!